Mr. George and Mrs. Barbara

"George: Well I saw you cleaning many pools and you did a good job and doing mine here is fantastic, very nice job, nothing to complain.

Barbara: Hi, Eduardo has been doing a great job cleaning our pool once a week I recommend him to my neighbors and friends.

[Question]: One of our questions is about punctuality. So Eduardo, when he promised to come here on a weekly basis does he fulfill that promise and always coming here quickly?

George: Strictly be in time, always being in time.

[Question]: Do you guys always see the pool clean or do you have anything to say about that?

Barbara: Yes it's always clean.

[Question]: Compare to other neighbors' pools, how do you compare that?

George: My pool and my neighbors' pool is fantastic cleaning satisfaction.

[Question]: What about the affordability, the price, is it something compared to other pools you got?

George: Well, his price is better than the other guy that was doing it for me. And better service."

Mr. George and Mrs. Barbara

""Hi, my name is Gustavo. When I first got Eduardo introduced to me, I just worried because I had no good experience with guys to clean
my pool. You know, when you start you always step back without thinking about it. But he is a piece of mind for me and he is always
punctual, his service is always top service. I never had trouble with the pool anymore , it's always clean, the price is good too.

I very recommend his service for you guys. On a business position he is in a very high position because he is always doing what he told
you and what you really need for your pool.

For about 1 year, Eduardo has been providing a weekly cleaning, more specifically, every Wednesday. I do recommend Agnel Pool Services
and the main reason is: he is always punctual, good price and his services is top services. He is the best."

Pompano Beach, FL